Hey Beautiful, 

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I am Romina –  yoga teacher, body positive activist and „pet mommy“ of 2 dogs.

I am mostly known for my love for handstands and for being a woman who feels unapologetically comfortable in her skin. People often refer to me as an inspiration for inner and outer strength and having a kind, big heart. I love serving the world by fostering acceptance, confidence, courage, and compassion, both on and off the mat.

MY TEACHINGS serve people who wish they could tap into their inner power and build unshakable confidence and self-acceptance. As someone who knows all too well what it’s like to be body shamed, and as a woman who struggled with perfectionism and good girl syndrome for most of her life, I see my mission in teaching people (mostly females) to love themselves and to live their life out loud without shame or apologies. I am lucky to remind them that they are beautiful warrior goddesses and that power and vulnerability are both strengths.

MY PERSONAL PRACTICE started off about 7 years ago and in this time I have accomplished more with my physical body than I ever imagined, but more importantly, I feel like a completely different person on the inside. My time on the mat is an exploration of knowing when to push, and when to let go. Accepting our limits on and off the mat relieves pressure and opens us up to embrace the experience of the present moment.

YOGA showed me how small steps eventually become the whole. With patience and trust, we are able to achieve things we thought we would never be able to do within this lifetime. 

THE BIGGEST LESSON I have learned through practicing Yoga is that I can not let others determine what I should or shouldn’t do. The answers are always within us. Listening to our body’s signals and to our intuition, letting it be our guide and taking 100 % self-responsibility is the most empowering thing we can do.

Yoga is the key that opened the door to my healing — allowing me to see myself as a pure and perfect being. And I recognize this beauty in everyone.

I COMPLETED MY 200 HOUR TEACHER TRAINING in 2017 at Inner Flow Yoga in Hamburg, Germany. Studying all aspects of Yoga and growing together with about 20 like-minded, open-hearted other students was a powerful and touching experience and I’m planning on attending another Teacher Training soon.

MY BIGGEST PASSIONS in life apart of being a student and teacher of Yoga are my two adorable Yorkshire terriers Scooby and Easy and promoting a vegan lifestyle. I have always felt a soulful connection with animals that’s why I became a vegetarian when I was 17 and turned vegan about 3 years ago.

IF you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me:

  1. As a little girl I used to be crazy shy.
  2. In my life (especially as a kid and in my teenage years) l have been bullied for several „reasons“ one of them being the way I looked (body weight and shape, style of clothing, the size of my lips or my nose …). There were times in my life where my body weight was 15 pounds more or 15 pounds less than it currently is.
  3. Today I love eating (healthy vegan) food! And I eat a lot without feeling guilty! When getting to know new people they are almost shocked at how much I like to eat and snack. I used to be ashamed of it but today I only listen to what my body needs. I eat the right stuff and move a lot. I feel strong. And I love and accept myself as I am. 
  4. I have never done a 9 – 5. 
  5. I’m dreaming of living in a van while traveling across Europe and teaching Yoga & Handstands.

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