7 Tips For A Consistent & Fulfilling Home Yoga Practice

When life gets busy, getting on your mat for #yogaeverydamnday can be challenging. I remember how our teacher at YTT stressed the importance of keeping up our own yoga practice once we start teaching, even though we might be tempted to skip it. I recall myself thinking: „Me – never! I love my time on the mat!“.

Fast forward to 2019: I started my own business as a yoga teacher at the beginning of the year, life is crazy most of the time and it did happen – my personal practice has taken a backseat. During summer I was consumed by being busy and long days. With the beginning of autumn, I found myself more anxious and negative than I had been in a long time. The cost of not having my daily personal practice was too high and I knew I needed to commit again.

In this blog post I share what helped me get back on track.

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